This is Not a Test: 4Ground Ruin

4Grounds Ruin Back It has been a while since I’ve posted because I have no hobby space at the moment due to home renovations. Here’s a little terrain project I have managed to finish recently. This is a 4Ground Dead Man’s Hand “single story under construction” building that has been messed around with for This is Not a Test.

The 4Ground buildings are made from laser cut wooden board and are very easy to work with, although they are all fairly small scale. I wanted to create a simple piece of terrain that would look something like the partially burned, irradiated and ruined remains of a modern, small single story building.

4Grounds Ruin Window As it also had to be playable on, the first thing to do was saw the assembled building in half diagonally across the middle. This is a cheap way of making the building more accessible for gaming, and for doubling the amount of terrain on your table.

The cut down building was based on 5mm MDF that has had the edges bevelled slightly to make it easier to move figures around it, and then detailed with the usual mixture of model railway ballast rocks, kitty litter and sand. The cut edges of the building were softened a little by actually setting them alight with a box of matches. Turns out the 4Ground wooden scenery burns quite well.

4Grounds Ruin Front The walls are made from ripped up art board, and the roof is 1/48th scale corrugated plastic sheet that’s been cut into simple panels and attacked with a hobby knife and pin vice.

The whole lot was quickly painted with cheap student acrylics and inks. The basic wooden frame hasn’t had that much paint applied to it, just a black wash and some dry-brushed grey and white to try and give it a scorched look. The white art board has just been ink washed and dry-brushed in the same tones. Most of the painting work was actually on the few panels of corrugated plastic, which were grey primed then painted over with reds and then sponged with grey again.

I’ve still got the other half of the building to finish up, which will give me a couple of pieces of nice, line of sight blocking terrain for a ruined post apocalyptic table.

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