Gaslands Warden Prison Cars Team

Late last year Osprey published Gaslands, which is another independent set of rules in their Wargames series. Gaslands is a game of vehicular combat, designed primarily to be used with Hot Wheel or Matchbox cars from Mattel.

I plan to review Gaslands once I have a few more games under my belt – but for the time being I’ve dusted off my collection of Hot Wheels cars from the last game of vehicular combat I was playing.

Gaslands is more of a team based game, so I’ve customised a few more Hot Wheels from the collection to create my first team. Fifty points is the recommended starting team in Gaslands, so that’s what these guys are. Three middleweight cars, one armed with a three shot rocket launcher, one armed with a ram and rear facing machine guns, and one armed with forward facing machine guns and a rear oil sprayer.

The Gaslands back story borrows heavily from the Deathrace movie franchise, both the original 70’s Roger Corman “Deathrace 2000” and the more modern “Deathrace” reboot with Jason Statham. This team is a Warden team, meaning the drivers are all felons. They’re driving prison cars, so the doors are sealed, windows barred and they enter and leave the car via the locked roof hatch.

The paint jobs are meant to reflect prison uniform with ‘broad arrows’ – as they’re easier to paint than the more common striped uniforms. After some mistakes with Army Painter ‘Fire Lizard’ orange, I found Citadel’s ‘Fire Dragon Bright’ (inspired paint names) covers a lot better. These cars have been stripped, primed, base coated Fire Dragon Bright, ink washed, highlighted with the base coat, sponged with grey and varnished. The metals are just Vallejo Gunmetal Grey with Silver highlights.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they fare in a Gaslands death race!

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