Gaslands Deathrace Gate

All I’ve been doing since my last post is furiously mangling Hot Wheels cars, and designing and printing terrain for Gaslands. I’m enjoying the game so much I’ve also kicked off a three race ‘circuit’ at TCOW, my regular war gaming club. We had six players in the first race last meeting, and I know there’s at least a handful more folks that are keen!

There are a bunch of 3D printable Gaslands gates on Thingiverse, but none really grabbed me so here’s my own take on a race gate. I wanted a Rock’n’roll post apocalyptic look to it so it’s vaguely based on a concert lighting rig. All the major parts are 3D printed, with a few green stuff cables added around the back of the monitors and speakers. If you want to print your own, the design is published on my Thingiverse account. Have fun!

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