Gaslands Vehicle Template

The three race Gaslands circuit I’m running at my local gaming club had another round last weekend, and I tried out these new vehicle template I designed and printed beforehand.

They were inspired by other Gaslands dice templates available on Thingiverse, but I wanted a much more compact design that I could combine with the standard vehicle templates you can download from

My original design is available on Thingiverse here and will print very quickly on any reasonable 3D printer with a 0.4mm nozzle. It’s designed to be used with the good old Games Workshop red and black dice they used to sell in tins. I have always had terrible luck while rolling these dice in games, so they’ve been re-purposed as tracking dice. You also need at least standard D10 dice to track hull points. You can cross off the hull points on the paper sheet of course, but since Gaslands has a respawn mechanism the D10 is meant to replace doing that.

In play I found them pretty useful as they don’t take up a lot of space on the table and combine all the vehicle stats, activation, current gear, and hazard tracking, as well has let you count the ammo for up to four weapon systems.

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