TCOW Gaslands Campaign Completed

Last week saw me speed painting a Monster Truck for my Warden team, because it was the final race of the first Gaslands Circuit Out West at my local gaming club.

We had eight players set up on two tables and it was absolute mayhem. One of the club founders Greg put a nice write up on the TCOW blog with plenty of action photos.

The Warden monster truck is based on the Grave Digger Hot Wheel and is probably the last vehicle I’ll add to this team. It came apart really easily as it’s only held together with a single rivet. Extra detailing was added with old 3D printer rafts (the window mesh), plasticard (the giant ram) and a handy rivet making set I ordered from Green Stuff World.

I also put together a trophy for the Gaslands circuit, which is largely based on this cool key ring on Thingiverse. It was awarded to Molly, the winner of our three race championship circuit by a single point. He played solidly and consistently through the three races and had a cool VW based Slime team you can see in the TCOW write up.

I’m busy planning up a second GCOW three race circuit as well, as there’s a few stock scenarios we haven’t tried yet. I’m also trying to come up with at least one original scenario idea, as well as tweak Death Race a little.

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