Gaslands War Rig WIP

I recently picked up this book from Book Depository for a nice cheap price. It’s a mix of production stills and concept art for all of the main characters, vehicles and locations in Fury Road.

It doesn’t contain quite as much pre-production art as I’d hoped for (so the title is a bit of a misnomer), but it’s still a good book for inspiration and reference to the movie. It also contains some interesting text from several of the key production crew. I didn’t know Brendan McCarthy was involved in Fury Road pre-production for example. I loved his 2000 AD artwork from decades ago.

The book did inspire me enough to finally get cracking on my first Gaslands War Rig. This is being built around a Hot Wheels ‘Haulin’ Horsepower’ set, because the cab has a wonderfully brutal look straight out of the blister. However the great cab is made up for by the extremely mediocre bike trailer it comes with.

Fortunately I own a 3D printer and am quite happy to scratch build, so I’ve started creating a longer trailer with more wheels. I’ve kept the plastic top deck of the original trailer as it has the ball joint attachment to the cab, and some nice design elements too (the flat gas tanks and a large drum). The rest of the trailer is built up from square plastic rod, plastic sheet, resin cast tires and 3D printed elements.

The wheel spikes are part of a design collection I have on Thingiverse here, as are the two part axles. You can see them better in this second photo. I spent far too long scratch building a set of driven axles for the rear wheels. I know the wheels on a normal trailer aren’t powered, but figure in the post apocalyptic world of Gaslands you’d probably add as much grunt as you could get!

I’m working to build a chemical plant on the trailer, based around a set of cheap Ping Pong balls, and inspired by the Gastown tanker that explodes during the third act of Fury Road!

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