Designing a Hover Car

I’ve always been a huge Blade Runner fan, so it was natural to try and take the Compact Car design and turn it into a ‘spinner’ style flying car. Unfortunately it turns out I’m not Syd Mead and after struggling with trying to get a spinner design working that didn’t look odd, or refused to gel properly in Fusion 360 I started working on a more traditional hover car.

Years of watching 80’s sci-fi movies like The Last Starfighter, Back to the Future, and Total Recall must have sunk in because a more traditional flying car just seemed to come together in Fusion 360 without difficulty. It started with a snub-nosed bumper, and a set of front hover pods that replaced the wheels and grew from there into the two vehicles I plan to release this weekend as a new kit.

Designing stuff is interesting. I think if you find yourself having to force a design, or you struggle to make progress it’s often a sign the concept is flawed, or not well thought out to begin with. My Fusion 360 account is littered with half complete or abandoned projects – which I never delete because I tend to raid them for parts and other sub-components – something Fusion 360’s CAD setup supports fairly well.

I’ve been painting test versions of the vehicles this week and just need to get a set of decent photos to show them off on DriveThruRPG.

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