Tabletop Patreon LAV Completed

Phew, I’ve been focused on the Patreon, so have neglected this blog a little bit. The September, October and November Patreon releases now combine into a finished 28mm scale, LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) that’s inspired by the real LAV II/III and Stryker vehicles.

This vehicle was a pleasure to design and is likely to become a future platform for a lot more options, like alternate turrets, and alternate decks. For the January 2021 Patreon release I’m already working on an open deck for the LAV.

It’s still available on the Patreon for December, but will be removed January 2021 as I’ll be releasing it as a full kit on CGTrader, Cults3d and DriveThruRPG.

2 thoughts on “Tabletop Patreon LAV Completed”

  1. these products look great, and I am soon to get a 3d printer, but is it possible to adjust the size/scale of them? While they are designed for 28-32mm. I would prefer a slightly smaller 20 – 25mm acale?

    1. Absolutely you can scale them, that’s part of the beauty of 3D printing. I generally design them fairly small so they can scale up easily. Scaling down to 20-25mm is definitely also possible, particularly if you are considering a resin printer. You may lose some details in FDM printing using a 0.4mm nozzle, but you can of course also change to a 0.2mm nozzle on an FDM printer for finer printing.

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