89% Complete

+1 Grave Guard. VC Border Patrol is 89% complete. I forgot to mention that in past entries when I’ve been talking about Zombies I was actually painting Grave Guard. This was a little bit of subterfuge so that Griff didn’t know the exact make up of my VC force. Fortunately he wasn’t annoyed when I turned up with a unit of Grave Guard on the night! Got a second Grave Guard ready for highlighting coats. Hope to have him finished this evening. Considering doing a bit of customisation to the old 5th Edition Wight hero I picked up from TradeMe to make him a bit more menacing.

FOW Army List

The Grave Guard musician is creeping towards completion. He just needs to be based and varnished. I seem to have really slowed down on painting these guys for some reason. Hope to have the Champion painted by this weekend as well. Then it’s the Standard Bearer and I’ll have a front rank!

After reading from various sources I’ve finally figured out a reasonable colour scheme for my FOW North African New Zealand Rifle Company. Khaki helmet and uniform, faded white webbing (apparently the NZers were ordered to regularly scrub their webbing to keep it clean), brown boots (meant to be polished black of course but in the desert boots were invariably dusty and scuffed). The only question left is socks as their uniform left a lot of sock exposed above the boot. Think I’ll just do a slightly greenish khaki for them. It’s a real bugger that all the archival photographs and black and white! In the desert NZers had access to Stuart ‘Honey’ light tanks (up to 15 of them at one point) as well as quite a few Universal Carriers so that fits in nicely. There’s also some photographic evidence they had Mk II Humber armored cars at one point so I’ll chuck in a few of them to bolster a Universal Carrier Recce unit I think. So my 1500pts FOW force will be


1 18th Battalion Company HQ (Company HQ) @ 40 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [40] Pts
1 1st Rifle Platoon (Rifle Platoon) @ 180 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [60] Pts
3 Rifle Squad @ [120] Pts
1 2nd Rifle Platoon (Rifle Platoon) @ 180 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [60] Pts
3 Rifle Squad @ [120] Pts
1 3rd Rifle Platoon (Rifle Platoon) @ 180 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [60] Pts
3 Rifle Squad @ [120] Pts


1 Carrier Platoon @ 145 Pts
5 Recon Carrier @ [145] Pts
1 Armoured Car Platoon @ 70 Pts
2 Humber Mk I, II or III @ [70] Pts


1 Anti-tank Platoon @ 150 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [30] Pts
1 Universal Carrier @ [10] Pts
3 6-pdr Portee @ [120] Pts
1 Towed Anti-tank Platoon @ 160 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [30] Pts
1 Universal Carrier @ [10] Pts
2 17/25-pdr @ [130] Pts
2 Quad Gun Tractor @ [10] Pts

Artillery Support:

1 4ht NZA 1st Battery (Towed Artillery Battery) @ 275 Pts
1 HQ Section @ [35] Pts
2 15cwt Truck @ [10] Pts
1 Observer Team @ [20] Pts
1 White Scout Car @ [10] Pts
4 25-pdr @ [220] Pts
4 Quad and Limber @ [20] Pts

Armored Support:

1 NZ Div Cav (Armoured Platoon) @ 120 Pts
3 Honey @ [120] Pts

It’s a pretty ‘light’ company but is fairly historically accurate and has a fairly good anti-tank component hopefully. There’s no real anti-aircraft nor air support but again that’s historically accurate. I’m really looking forward to busting out the green stuff and sculpting all kinds of stowage on those Universal Carriers as well. In terms of painting I’ve almost got a two man Boyes team (from a Rifle platoon) painted and ready to experiment with basing.

Border Patrol

Played a couple of quick games of Border Patrol with Griff last night. The VC aren’t completely painted but they’re bloody close and looked pretty nice on the table imho. I won the first game by capitulation after scaring off the Knights and Griff won the second by annihilation after he killed the Necromancer in melee. Rules shennanigans weren’t too bad although I must remember that the Undead can’t March unless the General is nearby. The ‘Turn Summary Appendix’ at the back of the WHFB rule book references the appropriate page numbers in the main rules which makes it very easy to play from just the appendix. I wish the 40k rules did something similar.

Things I learned:

1) The Necromancer does NOT want to be attached to units. He’s much harder to catch on his own. Plus the Challenges system really disadvantages weak characters.

2) Remains in play spells are mutually exclusive from normal spells. An important point for Wizards!

3) Skeletons win by numerical superiority. Grave Guard win by being tough bastards although Knights are tougher! Skeletons were good against Knights, Grave Guard were good against everybody else.

4) Visibility is a big factor. Skirmishers and Flyers are good because of their 360 degree visibility.

This weekend I also picked up a copy of ‘Kiwi Armour No. 3. 2nd NZ Divisional Cavalry in the Mediterranean’ from Historic Games as they had some in store. Saves me from ordering it from the publisher. Started painting some of the HQ and Rifle company FOW bases. Bad! Must finish the Grave Guard first dammit! Also painted the entrance hallway with two coats of ceiling paint. Looks vastly better. Bit more patching and sanding to do and it’s onto the walls.

6pdr Portee

Spent a good part of last night lightly hand sanding the ceiling panels and final wall of the entrance to our house ready for painting. Hope to paint the ceiling and maybe a few walls this weekend. Also did some light assembly on the FOW 6pdr Portee. Wasn’t sure where the gun shield is placed so had to have a look at the site. It’s a very nicely detailed model considering the 15mm scale.

General Freyburg

+2 Zombies. VC Border Patrol is 86% complete. Only SIX figures to go! I can probably get another two Zombies finished before Sunday night which will take me over 90%. Also wandered down to Historic Games last night (I love autumn weather for a good walk) and picked up British 8th Army HQ, 8th Army Rifle Platoon and 6pdr Portee blisters. Thinking of putting together a FOW force based on a NZ Rifle Company with some armored support from NZ Divisional Cavalry. The Battlefront 15mm figures are quite nicely detailed considering the scale. Some of the individual figures have a lot of flash but with careful filing back they should look good. Reading a bit of light NZ military history about Freyberg and 2NZEF in the Middle East at the moment. Very interesting stuff. I didn’t realise NZ troops were so highly regarded..both by their allies and their opponents.


Some very light progress on two Zombies. Actually spent most of this weekend doing painting of a different sort…preparing the entrance way of our house for a lick of paint and some new curtains. Then it’s onto the living room and master bed room as well. Looks like a lot of busy evenings in the next month or so…

Ack! Griff’s thrown down the gauntlet! Sounds like this Sunday is our first WHFB engagement. VC BP versus those pesky Brettonians. Neither of us will be 100% painted but I think he’s getting sick of waiting for a game!

Paint Station

My wife snapped and picked me up a GW paint station last night. Over-priced for what it is of course but I was never going to get around to making one. At least now all my painting crap can be transported to and from the garage/dining table quickly and easily. I snapped and picked up a copy of the Flames of War rulebook last night from Historic Games in Newmarket. Looks interesting but I have vowed to not purchase anything until VC BP is complete as well as the Mordheim Coach House AND the Gothic Church. Hopefully that will motive me enough to finish these two terrain projects. Some minor progress on 2 more Zombies last night as well.

80% Complete

+2 Ghouls. VC Border Patrol is 80% complete. That makes my BP Ghoul unit complete – so it’s just 8 Zombies left to paint and I’ll have 500 points of BP ready to play. I’ve also completed another movement tray for the Zombies and started painting the Coach House ruins. Also whipped up a few simple ‘raising’ bases last night with a mix of Zombie + Skeleton parts and some spare Hydrostone gravestones I had. Speaking of which apparently Petra Ceramics have stopped selling Hydrostone which is a total bastard as this stuff is great. Top Mark sell 22kg of Ultracal 30 for almost exactly the same price…so I guess I’ll have to try that out and hope it’s as good as Hydrostone.

Movement Trays

+1 Ghoul. VC Border Patrol is 74% complete. Also primed the second wrought iron fenced movement tray. The final 2 Ghouls have got their base coats down…just two more coats + details and the 7 Ghoul skirmisher unit will be complete. I hope to use these guys to provide a bit of cover from Griff’s Brettonian Archers while the VC advance. Itching to do some more Mordheim terrain work strangely enough. Coach House must be finished! It’s sooo close!

Painting Ghouls

+1 Ghoul. VC Border Patrol is 71% complete. Another Ghouls is almost complete and two more are queued up for the next coat. Discovered that highlighting with a Teracotta/Pallid Flesh/Bleached Bone mix makes a much nicer final paint job so will go with that for now on. Detailed another movement tray for the VC as well, but need some more black spray primer. Put together another Mordheim 1′ floor tile and did a fair amount of casting over this long weekend (for me anyway). My baby boy helped in the garage a couple of times as well while sitting in his exer-saucer. ‘Help’ meaning bouncing up and down like a maniac while eating water crackers. Almost out of Hydrostone but I figure I might as well use it up because it’s been a bit exposed to moisture in the garage as our clothes drier is in there as well. Some light detailing on Mordheim Coach House. Second floor is almost ready to be base painted.