Casting Back Packs

Assembled enough Cadians for a new Platoon Command Squad. Cast around 10 back-packs in total and the mold is starting to show some wear. I can probably get to around 20 back-packs before it’s too far gone. Resin is pretty hard on RTV molds, but then it’s not really high quality RTV I’m using. Picked up a double storage cupboard from Mitre10 in the weekend and assembled it.
Hope to clean up the garage a bit tonight. Started painting VC skeletons in the weekend again, but not a lot of progress made. Hope to have several more Skeletons finished this week – including the musician.

Blood Pressure

Dad still in hospital overnight, but all the test results have been fairly positive so far. His blood pressure is up and down all over the show but apparently that’s normal after a stroke. Seems like he’s dodged a rather large deadly bullet for the moment. Cut the backpack mold open last night. Thought I’d stuffed it but turns out it’s a pretty good mold. Huzzah! Back-packs for all my Cadian IG. Makes them look more like serious trooper IMHO. Pity they can’t have entrenching tools, but that backpack is a little too hard to cast – or is it? Anyway here’s the production line.


And here’s a man with his new resin back-pack.


Must really make some more progress on VC as Griff has started into the Brettonians. Maybe this weekend.

Cadian Backpacks

Taking a little 40k break from Fantasy. Assembled another Cadian standing AutoCannon trooper last night. Trimmed down a backpack and will try setting it up for a pit-mold tonight. I’d really like every Cadian trooper in my force to have an actual back-pack rather than one or two. Means a lot of resin casting and some converting but I’m game! May paint some more Skellies tonight while the mold sets.

Zombie Regiment Box

+2 Skeletons, +1 Ghoul. VC border patrol is 29% complete. Also finished the Cadian vox caster which completes my new IG HQ squad. Resisting the urge to assemble more Cadians. Discovered I have enough assembled and painted Catachans to make up the Hardened Veterans squad, but will probably want to re-paint them at some stage. Picked up $127 worth of Undead figures (Regiment box of Zombies and 12 metal Ghouls) from TradeMe for $57. The Zombie Regiment box must have been older because it included a movement tray. Nice! When did Games Workshop stop adding these to the boxed sets? That does however mean I’ve broken the pact Griff and I have. Damn. I figure I’ll get him a Grail Knight or something once they’re released!