1000pt Vampire Counts

Assembled 2 Zombies last night from a combo of WHFB human merc and zombie parts. Resurrecting my old Mordheim Zombies. Will strip them back and start repainting them for WHFB. Eyeing up the Ghouls for some easy painting too. Put together a 1000pt WHFB roster. Definitely have all the figures required, just have to paint another 45 figures of various sizes. Probably get that done by the end of this year I reckon.

Bleedin’ Ink

Discovered that the cheaper ink I’ve been using from the French Art Shop in Ponsonby has two problems with it. First, it bleeds through acrylic paint slowly but surely. Second, it’s not colour-fast! Don’t know if the ink is just crap, or the floor wax I’m cutting it with (to get a harder coat) is effecting the pigments. For example the chestnut ink I’ve painted all of the Undead force with is slowly fading to a purple-red! After experiments on paper with uncut ink I think it’s just cheap pigment in the ink.

Fading to purple-red isn’t actually bad on the Undead. Skeletons gradually get a bloody-purple tinge in their recesses which looks quite nice and the Grave Guard are based green so it fades to a blackish colour. The annoying thing is I’ve painted three FOW Universal Carriers and two Quad gun tractors with this ink and I suspect they’re going to bleed down to a purple colour! So they’ll have to be stripped back and re-painted and I’m chucking away that ink and going back to Windor & Newton chestnut. I can’t find any locally so might have to resort to using the GW chestnut ink. Games Workshop paints are just re-badged Windor & Newton anyway so hopefully it’ll be the same consistency.

Bit of a wasted effort on those FOW vehicles, but they’re easy to repaint. In the interim I should concerntrate on painting FOW infantry as I’m not using inks for them – and I am trying to build a Rifle Company! Lent Ben the FOW rule-book to peruse so we’ll see what he thinks.

Played a couple more games of WHFB with Griff last night too after my wife’s birthday get together in the afternoon. It was one each again so we’re both two for two (although technically Griff did win the first game as well but he didn’t press the issue). We both discovered a few things:

– The Banshee is worthless against Brettonians. She needs low LD troops to scare and the peasants are always going to be close enough to Knights or Generals to have access to a decent LD stat. So it’s back into the gaming cupboard for her.

– Small unit sizes and specialist units are brittle. My Ghouls fared a lot better when there was 14 of them rather than 7. The Grave Guard continue to do poorly as there’s only 10 of them. They’re particularly bad at receiving Knight charges but fare much better on the charge.

– The core units are actually pretty good. Griff fielded a core unit only BP list and caused me a lot of grief with two units of Knights dashing around. I anticipate he’ll stay with that list for a while and I need to paint up a big horde of Zombies! I can field ~20 in a BP force with 16 Skellies and 4 Fell Bats which isn’t bad. Sigh, back to the painting table!


Painting details and track work on two more Universal Carriers. Started painting Carrier and arty crews. Inked the second Quad gun tractor. Thinking I’d like to put pins on the 25pdr base so the gun and trailer can actually be removed from the base and ‘towed’ behind the Quad tractor when moving. Might be problematic fitting the gun around a fixed gun crew though.

Universal Carrier crews Vehicles in progress

Rearranged the garage cupboard as I foolishly put all rulebooks and WD magazines on a middle shelf – which of course has proceeded to bow under the weight. As an aside here’s the view from the new Snapperfish office this morning (it’s an x-apartment in Ponsonby). Not bad eh? My desk faces the french doors as well.

Rear Window

Priming FOW

Primed and Tamiya spray based another Universal Carrier, the Stuart ‘Honey’ tank, the second Quad gun tractor and the 25pdr artillery piece. Primed 2 UC crews and the 25pdr artillery crew. Cut down a spare infantry officer to place in the Recon command UC. Still trying to figure out how to detail the infantry bases – so I’m busy painting vehicles as they don’t require bases. Did notice a large pot of gib stopping skim plaster in the garage left behind from the last owner so might crack that open and see if it’ll do. Also picked up another UC blister which completes the UC’s I need for the recon UC unit and artillery observer team and a MkII Humber armored car for UC support. Must paint up the UC crews so I can finish these vehicles.

Played a game of Mordheim with Griff and Brent last night. Griff walked away with the game although not technically winning. He’s a bloody cunning bugger when it comes to placing terrain. I played Rieklanders who as usual (being humans) did dismally. I swear the non-human warbands definitely have an edge and archer fire is almost totally a waste of time in Mordheim. I’m sick of playing Orcs and Brent’s just started Undead, so maybe I should paint up some Skaven.

Mixed Progress

White primed and then Tamiya desert yellow sprayed three Universal Carriers and a Quad gun tractor for Flames of War. Ink wash and dry brush them tonight.

Stripped back the old 5th Ed Wight Hero and remaining 6th Ed Grave Guard for repainting. Lined up the three Grave Guard I have left to paint and they just look pathetic standing there. Must finish these guys.

PVAd and gravelled the remaining part of the Mordheim Coach House ground floor. Will paint it tonight and call these two floors complete. Must repaint woodwork on upper two stories and complete this piece of terrain.


+1 Grave Guard. VC Border Patrol is 94% complete. Also made some slight progress on various gravestones etc. which will be used for ‘Invocation of Nehek’ raised Skeleton markers.

VC Progress

Picked up some polyurethane satin spray from Hammer Hardware in the weekend and finished and sealed those three Mordheim tiles. Inspired to throw together another three tiles which will cover 2’x3′.

Picked up some more Flames of War blisters from Historic Games, an 8th Army 25 pdr, two Quad gun tractors and another two Universal Carriers. Used several texture stamps to lift backpacks and canvas roll from the back of the Stuart ‘Honey’ as well as pack details from infantry. Used them to apply some extra stowage to the carriers. Judging from historic photos both carriers and tanks were completely covered in stowage…but that might be a bit excessive for a gaming miniature. Here’s the Universal Carriers, it’s a little hard to see but the extra stowage has been applied to sides (and front track guards on the first carrier) with green stuff. Just to give you some idea of the 15mm scale, you can see the painted 28mm Grave Guard lurking in the top left corner next to some gravestones.

Universal Carriers thumbnail

Mordheim Tiles

Mordheim tiles Inked a GG so he’s ready to be finished off this weekend. Need to do some more basing on the GG standard bearer before inking him. Drybrushed another Mordheim tile, definitely need to buy some matt polyurenthane this weekend and seal a couple of these tiles.

The tiles are 1’x1′ and that’s a Grave Guard musician in the shot for scale. Damn, there’s some pretty obvious highlighting mismatching going on there. Bit more painting to correct that before I seal them I think. Should construct some more tiles because they’re pretty easy to put together once I’ve cast the pieces. Some planning might be in order though so they look nice once they’re laid out on the table.

Hmmm, I’m also a little behind schedule judging from the postings in early Feb! I definitely have too many projects running simultaneously at this point. Must get together a to-do list and start finishing things.

FOW Basing

Flames of War has been put away and I’m focusing on finishing the VC BP Grave Guard. Some light painting last night (after painting skirting boards for most of the evening!). Getting GG and GG standard bearer up to ink-wash stage. Have also stripped other two GG back as they were early experimental paint jobs.

Speaking of experiments first FOW basing experiment with just sand was a disaster. Will definitely need some compound to build up the base around the figures more before applying a mix of sand and model rail-way ballast for a range of fine grains. Maybe throw in a handful of kitty litter for one or two large boulders. Will have to strip back 2 man Boyes team but that’s not a biggie. Still experimenting with painting + basing for FOW after all. Vehicle painting think I’ll prime with GW white and then basic Desert Yellow Tamiya spray paint. Ink wash and drybrushing followed by details.

92% Complete

+1 Grave Guard. VC Border Patrol is 92% complete. That leaves me with four figures to complete! Well, in addition there’s a few ‘raised’ bases I’ve put together with headstones etc. Keen for another game but Griff is being slippery. Keeps muttering something about wanting to paint the Brettonians some more.


Picked up a Stuart ‘Honey’ tank and a blister of two Universal Carriers for FOW during the weekend. Assembled them both last night. Pieces fitted together reasonably well although some green stuff patching will be required. Also will try lifting some stowage details from the ‘Honey’ and apply it to the Universal Carriers via a press mold. Washed and primed the 6pdr Portee so it’s ready to paint. Based the painted two man Boyes team and now just have to figure out how to detail their base without getting paint etc. on the completed figures.

Also did a bit of triage work on the three Mordheim tiles I currently have in my garage. I need to pick up a tin of matt polyurethane varish to seal the tiles for play. I have half a 4ltr tin of polyurethane from the previous owner but of course it’s gloss.