Picked up another Stuart ‘Honey’ in the weekend, along with a generic stowage pack. I was after the British stowage pack but apparently it hasn’t been released yet. Ah well, NZ and British soldiers scavanged ‘jerry cans’ during the war anyway because the British petrol tins were inferior in the desert. The re-modelled Honeys are rather nice. I’m focussing on FOW vehicles at the moment as I’m still struggling to come up with a decent desert basing scheme. Might try to sneak down to Historic Games in Newmarket on a Thursday night and get some advice.

Slow Progress

Varnished three Dire Wolves. Another three just need minor base detailing and this unit will be complete. Resin set very nicely in the old Mordheim fountain, so now I’m definitely inspired to create some river or pond features for Mordheim/WHFB.

Re-reading the Flames of War rulebook and mulling over painting some more WWII 15mm figures. I’m still not entirely happy with the paint scheme I’m using and painting decent desert infantry bases still eludes me for the NZ2EF I’m trying to put together.

Linka molds arrived

The Linka molds arrived on my doorstep yesterday – which is pretty good delivery time from mid-US to New Zealand considering the postal service usually goes bananas around this time of year.

I’m pleased to say the Linka molds are equal in quality to the Hirst Arts molds I’m used to. They’re considerably smaller (being HO scale) and are made from a much more rigid rubber product. However the quality of castings they turn out is superbly detailed given the scale – each brick is about 2mm across! They also seem to cast without any problems using Ultracal 30 and my usual ‘cd-cover’ method.

Linkaworld also get kudos for the packaging they arrived in. Each pair of molds was placed in a sturdy cardboard display box and then packed in the usual bubble envelope. It’s a small point but considering the distances involved I always appreciate it when goods I’ve ordered from overseas arrive unscathed. I’d have absolutely no qualms from ordering from Linkaworld again, once I secure some more spare cash.

So now it’s back to the usual casting, piling, cleaning, casting… cycle to get enough Linka pieces to make something interesting. I need to nab some Hornby Dublo pieces from my father-in-law in order to gauge scale etc.

OO Scale Fun

Just ordered a small set of Linka molds. Specicfically B1, B2, B4 and R1. These are 1:76-1:72 scale which is pretty close to 15mm I believe. Be handy for Flames of War terrain and well as small brick details in other 28mm scenery. I’m also considering building a train station for my father-in-law as he collects Hornby Dublo trains. Hornby Dublo is OO (get it? Dubl-O!) scale or 1:76…which would be just right for Linka molds.

The US dollar is still tanking so might as well get in while the exchange rate is good! All up the order cost me $45US or around $62NZ. Of which most was generated by some TradeMe sales I made a while back. It seems I only spent $10NZ in November on modelling stuff. This will probably be the only purchase I make this month as well.

Resin is my friend

+2 Gravestone markers. Sculpted a crude little hinge and cast it for detailing the Fortress. It will also be handy for doors as the hinge is easily cut or snapped in two along the middle.


When molding little or rather detailed pieces like this it’s definitely worth sacrificing a brush to paint the first coat of RTV over the master before pouring the rest. I find a moderately stiff hogs bristle brush works best because it pushes the RTV into all the nooks and crannies.

There’s a great article on the Flames of War site about scratch building 15mm plaster walls for buildings and diaromas. This technique could also be used for custom Mordheim or WHFB pieces.

Desiccated Rat Corpse

Assembled the new Stuart ‘Honey’ with a turned out tank commander. I’ll make this one the command tank for the armored support team. Went together very nicely…much better fit than the older model. Need to apply some stowage though. Started assembling second Humber Mk II armored car as well. Once the two AC’s are painted and the 5 Universal Carriers are finished I’ll have a couple of recce units done.

Started painting a couple of WHFB Zombies as well. Still experimenting with rotted flesh schemes.

Spend most of the night stuffing pink batts into the ceiling again. Found an extremely desiccated rat corpse up there as well. Vis-a-vis his metabolic processes had ceased to be. Probably explains the dodgy smell we had a couple of months ago that we thought was coming from the floorboards.

British Vehicle Markings

After posting on the Flames of War forum and doing a bit of searching I’ve learned that the New Zealanders basically only marked their AFVs and then they used the British vehicle marking system. Universal Carriers don’t appear to have been marked as AFVs. So marked up the Stuart ‘Honey’ and varnished it. Marked up the Humber MkII but needs a bit more detail work to finish. Also picked up a $3.95 dustpan from Plastic Box with a nice black nylon brush. Clipped a bunch of bristles and they make handy vehicle aerials when attached to FOW vehicles with a bit of green stuff and superglue.

Black+green ink washed the old Zombies I camo green based ages ago. They actually don’t look too bad. Will do some highlighting on their flesh this week sometime and see if that scheme with do for them.