Right these three Grave Guard are all I have to complete to make it to 500pts of VC Border Patrol. I seem to have had some mental block for the last month or so on these damned guys. However they’re slowly progressing again. Might even have them finished for the next game.

Grave Guard

I installed GIMP 2.0.2 only to discover the latest and greatest version doesn’t support all the custom Windows TrueType fonts I have installed from Cumberland Fonts. So I’ve gone back to GIMP 1.2.4 and will have to live with the older interface and the occasional crash.

I hate it when software ‘updates’ actually remove functionality.

Desiccated Rat Corpse

Assembled the new Stuart ‘Honey’ with a turned out tank commander. I’ll make this one the command tank for the armored support team. Went together very nicely…much better fit than the older model. Need to apply some stowage though. Started assembling second Humber Mk II armored car as well. Once the two AC’s are painted and the 5 Universal Carriers are finished I’ll have a couple of recce units done.

Started painting a couple of WHFB Zombies as well. Still experimenting with rotted flesh schemes.

Spend most of the night stuffing pink batts into the ceiling again. Found an extremely desiccated rat corpse up there as well. Vis-a-vis his metabolic processes had ceased to be. Probably explains the dodgy smell we had a couple of months ago that we thought was coming from the floorboards.

Modern Art

A couple of days ago an art gallery up on K-Rd installed a piece of art that interested me. Usually this gallery displays a lot of incomprehensible modern rubbish…you know, the usual giant doll’s heads etc. However this piece caught my eye for a number of reasons.

Modern Art

First, the yellow shapes are from a common plastic children’s toy – one my own child has in fact. Second, the shapes are on ‘sprues’ – suggesting industrial mass production. Third most of the shapes are removed from the sprues and scattered around except for two stars.

Not sure who the artist is or what they’re trying to say, maybe a comment on the uniform nature of children’s toys, are all kids having the same ‘mass produced’ experience? Are we raising kids in an industrial manner with day-care and working parents? Seems odd to me that the stars remain on the sprue…maybe the kids that excel in our society are expected to fit a certain pattern? Is the artist saying society favours a narrow fixed role for it’s ‘stars’? Oh hell I don’t know, makes you think though eh?

Wonder what the work is titled? That might give you a hint of the artist’s intentions.

You can see some more of the artist’s work in the back of the frame, although urinals on a plastic sprue just seems like a slightly wanky reference to Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ to me… or are those toilet training seats?


Broke out the GW inks and inked/based/drybrushed the Stuart ‘Honey’ – came out quite nicely. Also progressed the 25pdr gun + carriage and another Universal Carrier. GW inks aren’t effected by the Clear floor wax and give a nice ‘hard-coat’ to paint over. Just remembered I painted some of those new Cadians with the French ink so will have to go back and see if they’ve bled/faded. Picked up another can of Helmar’s Matt Spray varnish from good old Warehouse Stationary in Newmarket. They charge $12.99 for a can and I’ve seen up to $19 at Paper Plus!

Picked up a Canon Powershot S50 digital camera from a parallel importers in the weekend as well. $949 for the camera plus 2 x 128MB memory cards. Amused ourselves most of the weekend by taking AVI movies of our baby boy doing various things (hand clapping, talking, emptying the contents of kitchen drawers). Haven’t tried it for miniature photos yet.

Painting competition on at GW that closes on the 28th. My wife reckons I should enter a few pieces. I’m only really interested in entering if there’s prizes of any sort. But might hand in a few spare painted figures I’m currently not gaming with out of curiousity. Oops! 28th is today! Ah well, maybe I’ll enter the *next* painting competition they run then…


Painting details and track work on two more Universal Carriers. Started painting Carrier and arty crews. Inked the second Quad gun tractor. Thinking I’d like to put pins on the 25pdr base so the gun and trailer can actually be removed from the base and ‘towed’ behind the Quad tractor when moving. Might be problematic fitting the gun around a fixed gun crew though.

Universal Carrier crews Vehicles in progress

Rearranged the garage cupboard as I foolishly put all rulebooks and WD magazines on a middle shelf – which of course has proceeded to bow under the weight. As an aside here’s the view from the new Snapperfish office this morning (it’s an x-apartment in Ponsonby). Not bad eh? My desk faces the french doors as well.

Rear Window