Design Preservation Models

Design Preservation Models Since I now own a set of Pulp Era Skirmish rules I’m looking for ways to quickly create some appropriate scenery – as well as re-use my existing terrain.

I plan to re-use my Mordheim table (without the bridge) as a basic ‘dock-side’ tabletop however I’ll need to create some more 1930’s era buildings. I figure a system of resin doors and windows in 5mm foam card wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

Design Preservation Models have some great looking model railway terrain that looks like fine inspiration for 1930’s buildings. Pictured is part of their modular ‘O’ scale kit and apparently ‘O’ scale is pretty close to 28mm.

28mm Pulp Era Skirmish

Rattrap Productions publish some interesting looking 28mm Pulp Era Skirmish rules.

I’m a fan of the Indiana Jones movies, similar TV shows and Raymond Chandler, so I bought a copy of the rules from RPGNow along with ‘Dragon Bones – Adventures in the Gobi Desert’ too. I mean for $7us + $6us for two downloadable PDFs how could I go wrong?

They make interesting reading, with a flexible d10 based system and a definite focus on capturing the flavour of Pulp era magazines. It is also scenario based (rather than points based like Mordheim) which should work to create a very movie or serial-like atmosphere.

Check out the free downloads for examples of the rules and scenarios. There’s also an excellent PDF tutorial for creating quick yet attractive buildings from cork floor tiles. The system’s author also regularly posts to the ‘Hot Lead and Steel Sinews’ Yahoo forum.

Hmm although I guess that means I may need some 28mm Pulp Era figures in the future! Here’s a good round-up of manufacturers…