Ebob 28mm Horse Green

Ebob 28mm Horse Green I regularly visit the Ebob Miniatures ‘Greenroom’ to see what this sculptor is up to. There’s invariably interesting work on their site and the most recent piece (as of this posting) is no exception. Imho this beautiful and dynamic 28mm horse sculpt far exceeds the mediocre plastic ‘horses’ that Games Workshop include in their Fantasy line. Lovely!

This horse is available from Ebob Miniatures as a multi-part white metal kit. Despite the fact I have almost no use for a 28mm horse at the moment I’m very tempted just to order one! The creator also grants permission for commerical re-use and re-casting which is interesting.

Excellent Sculpting Tutorial

French Knight Here’s an excellent PDF sculpting tutorial from a professional French sculptor that shows the step-by-step creation of this figure. The rest of his site is interesting too, particularly the gallery that contains his commissioned work.

I’ve spent my entire weekend preparing and painting the hallway of our house so there has been almost zero progress on the Mordheim canal. I have figured out how I’m going to bridge the central tile however. I hope to make some more progress this week.