Excellent Sculpting Tutorial

French Knight Here’s an excellent PDF sculpting tutorial from a professional French sculptor that shows the step-by-step creation of this figure. The rest of his site is interesting too, particularly the gallery that contains his commissioned work.

I’ve spent my entire weekend preparing and painting the hallway of our house so there has been almost zero progress on the Mordheim canal. I have figured out how I’m going to bridge the central tile however. I hope to make some more progress this week.

28mm Armatures

28mm sculpting armature

There’s a couple of auctions running on TradeMe for some interesting looking 28mm poseable white metal armatures. These are evidently from Ebob Miniatures, a German? or British? manufacturer by the looks of it.

I’ve been tempted to try sculpting in the past, but working up from a bent wire armature has always seemed rather daunting. These would seem to be the ideal way to experiment without having to worry too much about getting the basic proportions right.

So I just ordered two packs of five and it only cost $15NZ including shipping.