14% Complete

Over weekend completed two Ghouls and a Skeleton. Plan to finish two more Skellies and two more Ghouls this week – one of who will be the Ghast. Picked up some GW mixing pots at $1.75 each. Pretty good deal and handy for mixing your own colours. Started base painting Fell Bats. Black primed 3 Mordheim MDF tiles and cast two sets of gothic church and belltower to have enough parts to complete the church. VC border patrol is 14% complete.

Church of the Damned

Some progresson on gothic ‘church of the damned’ last night for Mordheim. Getting to the stage where I’m going to have to part assemble the other walls and belltower so it can be painted easily. Major work left is completing the belltower and building the back wall. Then it’s all painting and detailing from there. Must really place the ‘wyrdstone chunk’ in the floor before too much more work is done. Should probably also finish off the coach house as well since it’s 50% done. Then I’ll have sufficient Mordheim terrain for some time I hope.
Some minor VC progress. Assembled an additional skeleton to make a core unit of 16. A little more painting on the first four skeletons. Scrubbed down the two Fell Bats and extra Zombies for priming tonight. VC border patrol is 6% complete.

Pact with the Griff

In an effort to stimulate painting and avoid the random purchasing of extra figures that both Griff and myself are prone to we’ve formed a pact. Neither of us is free to purchase any new figures until we’ve painted our 500 point WHFB Border Patrol force to a suitable level. This pact doesn’t cover rulebooks or magazines – just figures and in Griff’s case it also doesn’t include figures purchased for his lady friend Emily. I also mentioned to Griff that the first man to crack (if he does crack) should purchase an equal dollar value of figures for the other man as punishment. Although I’m not sure how keen on that idea he was considering $85 Brettonian Grail Knights are due to be released this month. Right, time to invest some serious painting effort into the Vampire Counts! Oh and why yes I am a modelling geek. Do you have a problem with that?

Fell Bats

Picked up two blisters of Fell Bats and assembled + patched two with green stuff and scrubbed them ready for priming. Primed all 15 skeleton warriors ready for painting. Finished painting Banshee, just got to deal with her base. Did a bit of recovery work on my Mordheim Necromancer. A little more painting and he’s good to lead my VC Border Patrol force. Am wondering what the devil Griff is going to field with his Brettonians. Border Patrol places some pretty heinous limitations on your WHFB force after all.


Away for most of this weekend in Cambridge for my little boy’s baptising. So now he’s a member of the Anglican church. Managed to convert myself a Skeleton Champion last night from combination of the old Black Knight I had laying around and Empire + Skeleton plastics. Think he’ll do nicely. Must focus on assembling the rest of the Skeleton and then back to painting Cadians before revving up into painting the Undead. Rejigged my army list and discovered I can get to aroun 815 points by only purchasing 2 blisters of Fell Bats. Really should pick up or convert a Wight Hero as well, just to get that LD 9 in the force…

Warhammer Fantasy

Mr Griff has snapped and has purchased the Warhammer Fantasy rulebook. I suspect the Games Workshop marketing juggernaut got to him with the new Brettonians release. Still no matter! I have discovered that between figures purchased for my Mordheim Undead warband, Zombie sprues purchased for 40k Chaos conversion and Skeleton warrior sprues purchased for general err… skeletons, that I already have 80% of a Vampire Counts ‘Border Patrol’ force just laying around in my garage. So yesterday I assembled the front rank of a Skeleton Warrior core unit, including Musician and Standard bearer naturally and primed six Ghouls and a Banshee. All that remains is the purchase of two Dire Wolves blisters and quite a lot of assembling and painting. Also some desultory progress on Hirst Arts gothic church. Finally varnished that Cadian junior officer I painted a while back and finished the command squad missile launcher Cadian. Just a vox caster left to paint and the new command squad will be finished. Hmmm, wonder what I should do with the old command squad? Strip and repaint? Stick ’em on TradeMe?